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Metlasse Shoes


Gucci's Metlasse Shoes offer a fresh take on the classic penny loafer. This shoe embodies the modern woman. The Gucci has an all-embracing spirit, with a bold, feminine and accomplished sensibility. Metlasse Shoes are stylish, contemporary and perfectly embodies the spirit of the California coast. Here is the ultimate shoe for women. It's made of high-quality leather and suede with a perfect fit, a design that is both elegant and youthful.
Shoes designed for your lifestyle. Metlasse shoes are handcrafted in Italy from the finest calfskin leather. Metlasse is the only luxury brand to mix comfort, durability and style in a single design. The premium materials used for the construction of these shoes make them look, feel and smell incredible. The shoes offer maximum comfort and style to their wearers. Step into a new style of luxury shoes that go anywhere with their high-quality materials and contemporary colors. From Gucci, a collection of graceful leather shoes in styles like pointed toe flats and lace-up boots.

Gucci is the world's most-respected luxury brand, renowned for crafting exceptional shoes, handbags and accessories since 1921. A favorite of stars such as Beyoncé and Rihanna alike, these Metlasse Shoes from Gucci are perfect for those looking for a statement shoe with a timeless style. Lace-up moccasins handmade from smooth, rich leather uppers. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear, these shoes are perfect for the woman of the house who wants to add a touch of style to her leisure time. Gucci is a luxurious and yet affordable line of shoes for women that are sophisticated, beautiful and comfortable.

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Color Monogram
Size 36.5
Length 24 cm.
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