Tips to Identify Fake Designer Bags

How to see designer handbags for sure Don't be afraid of copy

“Don't worry about fakes, SF Brandname tells you the secret to how to look at basic designer handbags ”

Buy second designer handbags but was afraid that the cat would be dyed Trick them into buying a grade A++ copy because they look so alike that they are almost indistinguishable. Instead of getting a 100% authentic designer handbags as you dreamed come back to be traumatized because they can't differentiate Plus, each brand has a different identity. This makes checking the genuine bag even more difficult.

SF Brandname, we specialize in designer handbags especially. Therefore, I would like to introduce how to look at designer handbags in the first place. Allows you to check that the second-hand designer handbags that you are looking for. Is it genuine or a copy? But if you want more than a hundred confidence Come and buy second-hand designer handbags with us. Ensure that every bag All products are absolutely 100% genuine.

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The price must not be too cheap

The first thing you can check before you buy a brand name bag is. Comparison of the price of the bag you want to buy from another seller. This is a basic way to check for real or fake bags that everyone should follow. Because the genuine second-hand designer handbags in the market will not differ much in price. But if you come across a store that sells bags at a much lower price than any other shop, whatever the reason for that. Notice that it may be a fake. And check the product carefully before paying for the purchase.

Check out stitches and hide

No matter what brand How to see if a designer handbags is genuine or a copy? sewing quality
Because designer handbags are high quality sewing products with a long experience in bag manufacturing. Therefore, sewing and stitching stitched seams Are the fabric patterns continuity? Is the screen printed out of proportion or different from the original? Is the shape of the bag symmetrical? If we find stitches that are not neat and inconsistent, we can assume that it is definitely a fake.

Zippers, logos, straps and unique details

Each designer is different when it comes to the details they add to their handbags as a measure of authenticity from putting the designer handbags on the zipper head or brand of zipper used, logo screening, chain style and bag strap. For example, the Authentic Hermes engraved zipper pull, Louis Vuitton purse date code, Chanel's intertwined 'CC' logo for Chanel should always have the right hand 'C' overlapping at the top and the left hand 'C', etc. It is something that must be studied in detail to be Important information to verify the original bag in the beginning

Dust Collector or plastic bag

How to check authentic bags, whether it's Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Louis Vitton or other brands, is a dust bag. Because these famous brands only deliver bags to their customers in a dust bag, and those who buy it tend to keep the bag well. Because it is one of the guarantees that this bag is definitely authentic.

Check labels, logos and receipts

How to check authentic bags that are half guaranteed is to check labels, logos and purchase receipts. Because today's name-brand shoppers keep their labels and receipts well-stocked for easy inspection and good prices.

Test the smell

Test the smell is another way to see if a designer handbag is fake or not. which is considered one of the best ways. When we go to a designer handbagsshop, we tend to smell clean and not pungent leather. That's because designer handbags use premium grade liquids and raw materials. Unlike fake bags that usually use cheap liquids.

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