Gucci Interlocking Belt CO220805376

Interlocking Belt


The Gucci Interlocking Belt is a stylish, comfortable staple that every woman should have in her wardrobe. There's no need to worry about wearing too-tight belts as this one can be worn by both petite and tall gals. This stunning silver-tone stainless steel belt features a patterned silver-tone gucci logo on black lwather belt. The luxury that transcends time, experience and generation. It's the ultimate accessory for any contemporary wardrobe. Its versatility is unmatched, making it a must-have for any fashion-forward individual.

The Interlocking Belt is a stylish accessory that's functional and versatile. Designed in the shape of a circle, it features a fine buckle closure with two belt loops on the outer and inner sides of the buckle. The iconic Gucci logo is featured on the front of this black leather belt with a decorative silver buckle. Made in Italy, this belt is very stylish and will add an edge to any outfit. The finest Italian craftsmanship comes to life with our beautiful and comfortable design. Made of highly durable, Italian leather, these unique belts will last a lifetime. Because Gucci belts are designed to be the perfect match for any outfit. Let's be honest, it's time. You're not getting any younger. Interlocking Belt is a must-have as you're heading into your golden years. It's made from high-quality leather for durability, and fits every shape and size with its infinite adjustability.

Gucci's interlocking belt is the perfect accessory for keeping your style both casual and chic. The belt is lightweight and made from a soft, thick calfskin that doesn't easily fray. Made from a single piece of leather, you'll never have to worry about snag or seam lines. Astonishingly slim and incredibly elegant, Gucci's Interlocking Belt. It's the perfect complement to any outfit, with a black strap threaded through the buckle to create an elegant and timeless aesthetic. The Gucci Interlocking Belt is an accessory that can easily be worn with anything. This belt has a buckle that fits all sizes and is made of fine, soft leather.

12,900 THB
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Year 2020
Color Black (Noir)
Size 90/36
Weight 0 kg.
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