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Looking for the perfect heels? Valentino heels are the answer to your fashion prayers. With its Italian-slash-global culture and its chic, sexy, and luxurious style that never goes out of fashion, we have everything you need for your elegant & fabulous look. With us, you will always stand tall and shine bright in all occasions. Let your style speak for itself in these gorgeous high heels from Valentino! Whether you want to go for the sophisticated look or for something more daring, these heels are perfect for all occasions. They will make sure you're ready to stand out wherever you are. Made from the finest materials and handcrafted for perfection, Valentino is a shoe company that embraces the talents of their craftsmen and upholds the tradition of Italian quality craftsmanship. For over 60 years, they have been designing shoes that are quintessentially Italian, transcending trends and fashions.

Enjoy colors and style of Valentino's newest line of heels. Perfect for the season and style, they come in stores and online now. When it comes to heels, Valentino's got you covered, from something as simple as a strap sandal to a glamorous high-end boot. Explore our collection of fashionable and comfortable footwear that's designed for work, for play, and for being your best you. Made in Italy, Valentino is a high-end fashion brand that has been around since 1960. Our shoes are worn by celebrities and royalty around the world. From our iconic rockstuds to embellished pumpkins, these are shoes that truly make a statement. We are committed to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation when it comes to designing the perfect pair of heels. The finest in Italian craftsmanship and design have been perfected to create these luxury heels.

With our high heels you are sure to stand tall and feel like a queen. We have a variety of styles for all occasions, from casual day wear to glamorous night, and even for a night out on the town. This is what couture is all about. Every woman needs a pair of shoes that makes them feel like a goddess and these heels will do just that. With a subtle sparkle up the heel, these heels are the perfect addition to any woman's shoe collection.

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Color navy
Size 37.5
Width 7 cm.
Length 27 cm.
Weight 0 kg.
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