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Zippy Long Wallet Togo PHW Hermès

Zippy Long Wallet Togo PHW

Zippy Long Wallet Togo, stylish and comfortable as it is, is a must have accessory for any professional or casual traveler. Hermes is a smart, stylish and fashionable wallet for men and women. These wallets have been made to look good, feel good and are perfect for everyday use. It is like being a woman in a smart, stylish leather bag.

Get your wallet in shape with the Zippy Long Wallet Togo. It's made from sturdy canvas and features ornate zippers, a Microfibre cloth to keep the wallet clean, and a full zip closure. Perfect for those times when you'll need it without taking it off your body.

This is the perfect wallet for the constantly travelling, without worrying about carrying a lot of stuff. It also comes in a leather version. We offer different sizes for different purposes, so you can decide the size for yourself. If you just want to hold your phone and some cash, choose a small version. For larger things like ID and cards, the medium size will work great as they're not going to get lost easily. The Zippo Long Wallet Togo is a functional, great-looking and durable long wallet that has been designed to be practical and easy to carry all day long. The wallet has been designed to be as thin and thin as possible without losing its structural integrity.

27,900 THB
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Year 2014
Color Gold
Width 10 cm.
Height 2 cm.
Length 19 cm.
Weight 0.17 kg.
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