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Triple Tour Bracelet Balenciaga

Triple Tour Bracelet

Balenciaga Triple Tour is a beautiful, harmonious triple necklace. The bright colors in this collection are inspired by the history of luxury French fashion. Triple Tour Bracelet is a versatile, swappable strap that makes every day essentials like your keys, wallet, phone, and even your eyewear simple to find and access.

The triple tour bracelet enables up to three independent actions within a single action by providing three points of access. The tour bracelet enables your hands to wear different styles of watches with the same watch face. Balenciaga's unique, high-tech leather is unique, high-tech, and makes you look and feel like a fashionable.

A modern, contemporary alternative to the hand bag currently dominated by leather, Balenciaga is creating a movement of jewelry that also incorporates a lifetime of style. Balenciaga's latest generation of memory is made from the high quality sapphires. The colors and materials of the design are a fusion of tradition with an innovative spirit of innovation and experimentation.

12,900 THB
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Year 2015
Color Black
Length 58 cm cm.
Weight 0.55 kg.
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Cloth Bag Included
Card Included
Box Included

Triple Tour Bracelet



Triple Tour Bracelet
10,900 THB
Triple Tour Bracelet



Triple Tour Bracelet
10,900 THB

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