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Bracelet Balenciaga


This bracelet is made of durable leather and features a stainless steel closure. It is a must-have for the summer with the simple, classic design that will look great with any outfit. The Balanciaga Bracelet Sizes S are sleek and statement making addition to any arm party. They have been fitted with inspirational charm and are made to fit most wrist sizes. Classic and innovative, this bracelet is perfect for easily stacking. Its leather and metal construction allows for great flexibility, while its vibrant pops of color are perfect for Spring.

The lightest, thinnest and most protective watch on the market. This timepiece from designer Gareth Pugh is made from a flexible nylon and uses a rubber strap that can be wrapped around it to fit any wrist size. An everyday essential for any woman. It is a perfect casual style that will complement your everyday wardrobe.

The Balanciaga is a mini-bracelet made of genuine leather and aluminum, with a buckle lock on the side. It is a must-have item for those who love fashion and have a sense of style. It has an anti-allergic, comfortable touch with the metal and its chic design makes it irresistible.

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Year 2016
Color Black
Length 52 cm.
Weight 0.03 kg.
Comes With
Cloth Bag Included
Card Included
Box Included




5,990 THB
Kelly Bracelet



Kelly Bracelet
199,000 THB

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