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Saffiano WOC Prada

Saffiano WOC

The Prada Saffiano WOC is a crossbody bag that features a beautiful textured leather for the ultimate in style. It also has a flap to cover the top of your hands when you're carrying it, so that there won't be any dust or dirts on your fingers. With Prada, you're always ready to go anywhere and everywhere. And with the Saffiano WOC, you never have to carry water bottles or shovel snow with you. It's also fashionable and easy to use. Slip it into a backpack, attach the strap, and be ready for any adventure! A beautiful, chic crossbody constructed in modern leather with signature leather logo detail and a classic Prada allure.

Expertly crafted in Italy, this handbag is the perfect companion for a day of shopping, travel, and business. It's a large bag with multiple compartments, offering women all the room she needs to keep her things secure and organized without sacrificing style. The Prada crossbody by Saffiano WOC has all the style you need for any occasion with leather accents. The toggle closure with two internal zippers is a great feature that helps keep your bag secure and organized.

You can adjust the color of the leather and strap to suit your fashion style when shopping for your next Prada bag. The Saffiano WOC is a messenger bag which is made of a combination of the finest Italian leather, pure rayon textile, and nylon canvas. It has an chic, minimalist look and features portable shoulder straps.

16,900 THB
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Year 2015
Color Red
Width 2 cm.
Height 9.5 cm.
Length 20.5 cm.
Weight 0.36 kg.
Comes With
Cloth Bag Included
Card Included
Paper Bag Included

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