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2Way Shoulder Bag Prada

2Way Shoulder Bag

Perfect for the briefcase/handbag connoisseur. The 2Way Shoulder Bag is carried on the same shoulder as a small clutch bag, yet has enough space to hold all the essentials from makeup to a laptop. Perfect for travel, business or simply for everyday use. Prada's new shoulder bag is the perfect accessory to any outfit. Featuring a double-layer, custom-made, padded shoulder strap and Rivet closure, this bag is not only functional, but also well-crafted with a luxurious feel and touch. It's the perfect bag for a day of preparing for your trip.

The Prada Woman Shoulder Bag is a masterpiece of masterful craftsmanship, impeccable design and spectacular style. It combines elegance and utility in a rare combination.Prada's new shoulder bag is a dynamic addition to the Prada collection. Its lines, textures and colors create a new look for Prada in the contemporary world. The choice of black and white color is not just a fashion trend, but also a symbol of pridefulness and determination.

When you're looking for your next bag, you want to get the one that will fit your style. You want a bag big enough to carry everything you need, yet small enough to fit in a handbag. You're tired of being distracted by the size or how much you paid for it. And most importantly, you want something that looks good. Prada has a wide selection of shoulder bags and handbags that will do all this.

19,900 THB
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Year 2014
Color Nero
Width 18 cm.
Height 27 cm.
Length 30 cm.
Weight 0.94 kg.
Comes With
Cloth Bag Included
Bag Strap Included

Phone 12 Pro Max

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