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Tivoli is the perfect shoulder bag. It is a smart bag with a built-in lock, camera, and battery that offers just the right amount of space for all your essentials. It is perfect for holidays, a day-off or just to use when you already have everything you need in your bags. You can also take this bag backpacking wherever you want to go. The Louis Vuitton Tivoli is the ultimate travel packing bag for the everyday traveller. Its oversized main compartment is perfect for holding your favourite shoes or shoes of choice, while its smaller side compartments fit a laptop or other accessories as well as a large change of clothes.

Louis Vuitton Tivoli is one of the most precious handbags ever made, handcrafted in France for an exclusive clientele. It's traditional yet durable and distinguished. Sweep all the ladies off their feet with this elegant shoulder bag. It's what you want your ladies to wear on every date! The pretty tulip-shaped flap design is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Shaped like a small bag, but with a concealed zipper and design that is exclusive to Louis Vuitton. It will make every woman feel as if she's got her own fashion bag.

Tivoli is designed to be fashionable and functional; it has all the features and benefits of Louis Vuitton’s best-selling Bags. It transforms your everyday look from simple to sophisticated, giving you a unique look that will inspire your friends. The Louis Vuitton Tivoli is a classic design that has been updated with a new, modern twist. The luxurious Tivoli shoulder bag features genuine leather, fine silk lining and two removable leather straps.

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Year 2011
Color Monogram
Width 19 cm.
Height 27.5 cm.
Length 40 cm.
Weight 1 kg.
Comes With
Cloth Bag Included

Phone 12 Pro Max

Long Wallet

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Louis Vuitton

Felicie Pochette
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