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Phone Case GHW Chanel

Phone Case GHW

Chanel is an internationally renowned luxury brand. We create the world's most desirable, timeless designs for women's fashion. Chanel carries a diverse range of luxury products, including bags, watches, jewelry, fragrance and accessories. Our choice always reflects timeless elegance and quality. It's not a simple shoulder bag, it's a Chanel. The handbag, one of the world's most iconic and most recognized brands, is back in fashion. It comes with the best materials, impeccable craftsmanship and a timeless design that will make you stand out.Perfect for the person who needs to be always on the go, this beautiful Chanel Phone Case has a snap-on design perfect for the modern woman. Offering a slim profile that won't add bulk, this bag is perfect for any occasion

The Chanel Shoulder Bag offers everything you need to look great on the go compact, sleek, and durable. It has a soft microfiber lining and a classic leather strap. The Chanel shoulder bag is made of high quality leather. The leather and the hardware are premium quality, durable, and allow you to carry a large amount of items on your shoulder without any damage. This product has a nice design with no pop out handles. A high-quality mobile phone case made from the highest quality leather. Get a unique and special touch for your phone while retaining its original feel and design. Pack your shoulder bag using this Chanel shoulder bag. It is made of fine leather and has a very feminine design. It is also available in black and with a gold chain. The Chanel is a modern look for bags. It's a functional, daily accessory that is packed with quality. The perfect case for your smartphone. The Chanel Luxe Wholesale Phone Case Bag offers total protection and style, with a fashionable look. This stylish bag is made of high quality material that keeps your phone safe from the elements. The inner soft material does not scratch off, so the case will stay looking new for years to come.

45,900 THB
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Year 2021
Color Orange Poppy
Width 4 cm.
Height 18 cm.
Length 11 cm.
Weight 0.25 kg.
Comes With
Cloth Bag Included
Card Included
Box Included

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