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CC Chain Flap Calfskin Chanel

CC Chain Flap Calfskin

Chanel from the rest of the pack is our signature new chain flap calfskin shoulder bag. Made from fully durable CC Chain Flap Calfskin, it's also detailed enough to carry a laptop. It's perfect for business or leisure travelers This is the perfect shoulder bag that will help you to carry all your essentials while you're out and about. The flap is made from one of our most popular materials: calfskin leather.

Chanel is a beautiful, timeless, and inexpensive accessory known for its timelessness. One of the world's most coveted handbags. A symbol of fashion and luxury, Chanel offers its customers a refined collection of timeless classics to adorn their lives. A new bag for the Chanel girl who wants to be chic and stylish at the same time. The perfect accessory for the woman who wants to be in control of her style, from choosing what to wear to how to style it. It's more than just a bag

Chanel bag. It's a quality item, the highest level of luxury among the most famous brands of this century. The latest in fashion from the house of one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world: Chanel. Made from the highest quality leather, with a supple soft touch. On rare occasions, fashion comes down to a simple, unforgettable silhouette that is both timeless and completely original.

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Year 2019
Color Black
Weight 0 kg.
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